Should You Mow When The Grass Is Wet?

When growing up, you must have heard severally from people around you that mowing grass when it’s wet is not a good idea. It is a widespread concept with a few reasons to back it up. However, other practical ideas about mowing grass when it’s wet are worth looking into, and it takes ample thoughtfulness to be able to think out of the box. After all, learning new things never stops, even for people with decades of experience in growing and mowing.


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Why You Should Not Mow When Wet
Mowing Grass When Wet: Do or Don’t? “Don’t” is better but “do” can happen in unavoidable circumstances. Mowing when the grass is dry is a great practice. Note that moisture from rain or morning dew weakens grass and causes the blades of the mower to bend and that makes straight cutting a problem.

Mowing wet grass will cause the clippings to clump which is not good at all and if they are quite thick, you will have to practically rake them up. Also, wet grass would limp when mowed. The risk of slipping on the wet, slick blades is high, and the chances of damaging your lawn are many. Be ready to have no fun in the process and as your lawn gets poorly mowed.

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How To Handle The Situation As A Lawn Perfectionist
Sometime you need not hurry but have patience especially if you are a lawn perfectionist who can accept the unruliness of the grass and wait for it to sunbathe. The chlorophyll content in the grass can easily stain when wet. The grass will spread to different angles of your yard, stain your body, clothes, driveway, and other spots. Wet grass is sticky and may get stuck repeatedly under the side of your mower or clog the motor. If you can be gradual and ready to do some vital clean up in the process, do it.

Using an electric mower is not an ideal idea because of safety, and remember that it involves connecting an extension cord which can be deadly in case the worst happens, like electric shocks. Making sure that you are using a very sharp mower blade is imperative.


You may as well meet every one of these conditions, and if you do, then you can freely mow the damp lawn. One way you can make the conditions even much better is for you spray the underside of the deck of your mover using silicone spray or oiling. There are two schools of thoughts on this one; some believe it works and others don’t.

The bottom line is, that Mowing Grass when wet is not an easy task, and perfect results won’t be achieved too. So, the best option is to wait for the grass to dry again. And what of a particularly dire situation in which you haven’t mowed for long, the grass is overgrown, rain is underway in few hours, a friend is visiting and weather forecast indicates that rain will fall in few days? Would you still want to wait as if mowing wet grass is a deadly crime? Certainly, not.

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