Your Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn is one of the viable ways to enhance the attractiveness of your home. This will definitely take much time and effort to achieve, but it’s worth the energy put into it. For instance, how do you feel when you come home after a stressful day to be welcomed by a perfectly manicured and nice-looking lawn? Mood-boosting right! These are some of the benefits of having a perfectly manicured lawn.


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Below are some of the tips to practice when planning to have a perfectly manicured lawn:

Pest-resistant plants
You may not have considered this before, but it works effectively to have plants resistant to pest attack on your lawn. With this, your garden looks beautiful without any pest attack on its flowers. Basil, Lavender, Marigolds, and Catnip are examples of some plants you can consider growing in your garden due to their resistance to pest attack. You can also consult a professional lawn manager to help suggest other lawn plants that are resistant to pests.


Eliminate Weeds
Weeds can be annoying to have around your lawn. To make your lawn look attractive and fascinating, you should practice a few weed management techniques. One of the most effective techniques you can employ is to use a weed eater to trim your lawn regularly. You can also apply herbicides that kill weeds growing in your yard.


Get your mower blade sharpened
One of the things you will like to do for a well-manicured lawn gets a close cut when mowing. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized as it will make your lawn more attractive. This task can be achieved by regularly servicing your mower with the help of professionals and also carrying out regular routine maintenance like an oil change.

You may also hire professional lawn mowers for your lawn if you are not used to this task or you simply don’t have the time. However, ensure you hire competent professionals.


Keep it watered
A well-watered lawn always looks beautiful and attractive. However, you may be faced with the challenge of watering during the summer period when the sun is hot and tends to dry your lawn due to less soil water.

To preempt this challenge, you should consider purchasing a water timer that automatically turns on your sprinklers to keep your lawn well watered and in great shape. You should also be prepared to pay extra charges for the increase in water bill during this period. However, to enjoy a green and beautiful lawn, the additional cost and effort are worth it.

Train your pets
If you are a lover of pets like dogs that enjoy running or playing on your lawn, you should pay closer attention as they could deface the appearance of your lawn. For instance, having your dogs urinate and defecate on your yard could leave yellow spots on your green lawn, and it should be avoided. Consider training your dogs to use a specifically designated area of the yard so it can look its best at all times.

dog in grass

A Perfectly Manicured Lawn is achievable, but it requires lots of consistency and effort to maintain an attractive lawn. The above Tips for a Perfectly Manicured Lawn are intended to help you get started in nurturing a yard that others will be long to see.  If you have any comments or questions, please contact us today.  If you have any great lawn care tips that you would like to share, please submit your tips here as well.    We also ask you to visit our sponsor if you are looking to Build A Barndominium

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