Lawn Care Tips

A beautiful and well-maintained lawn is an integral part of landscape design. The lush greens of the grass guarantee a rich background for any scenery. But the most decorative effect can be achieved if the proper care for the lawn will become a habit throughout the season.

It is said that lawn grass in the garden does not require special care. After all, on the Forest Lawn no one mowing the grass and does not watering the flowers-and they grow perfectly. The green for the artificial home lawn is collected from cultures that require attention. Therefore it is necessary to take care of lawn grass properly!

Here are 5 Essential Beginner Lawn Care Tips:

How Often Should You Water The Lawn?
It is best to take care of and watering the turf in the evening or early in the morning. In the daytime, mainly if the sun sticks, the water evaporates faster, and the plants do not have time to drink moisture. During the night moisture penetrates deep into the soil, saturated with the roots of plants.

sprinklerLawn Mowing
Lawn mowing is not only a question of aesthetics. To cut grass is necessary for the vegetative development of plants. In this way, they are better to be custom. Their rhizomes grow and create dense deriving.


Cut the Lawn Properly
Cut in dry weather. But if the grass has outgrown, it is better to mow when overcast or early in the morning with abundant dew.

The grass leans in the direction in which mowing, so change the course of the lawn mower with each haircut. The grass cover will be dense and direct. And if you will be mowing on time, and without polishing which arises because of lousy penetration of light in the bottom parts of a grass.


How To Remove Moss And Weeds From The Lawn
Moss in the meadow appears due to the uneven soil, heavy compaction or increased acidity of the earth, as well as lack of nutrients and poor soil drainage. It contributes to its appearance and too low haircut and strong shading.

To remove the moss, identify and eliminate the causes of it. Align the ground. If the soil with high acidity, make lime. For earth with a lack of nutrients-complex feeding is necessary. To destroy the moss on the lawn because of the strong shading, replace the grass on a less whimsical. Sow a red oat or meadow mint.


Lawn Trimming
Over time, the grass grows old and loses its density. If there are “bald” on your lawn, make repairs to the garden. To the lawn looked well-groomed, timely sow areas with Proploshya. It is better to do it in cloudy or rainy weather. Before leveling or sowing, comb the grass with a rake to remove the dead plants. To properly scatter, cut out the loose, blow up the soil, sprinkle the fertilizer and sow the seeds.

The last mowing of the lawn in autumn is held in late October and November. Ideally, before wintering the height of grass stems should be 60-80 mm. Regularly clean the grass from the fallen leaves, twigs, dry stems, so they do not interfere with ventilation.

In winter the lawn does not require treatment. The main thing is not to walk on it until the snow cover appears. On an icy park, it is desirable to break a crust of ice.

Follow all these useful tips, and you can keep your lawn in perfect condition during the year.


Keith Duncan Lawn Basics