Fix The Ugly Lawn

There is nothing beautiful than having a beautiful lawn around your home. Right?

So, have been wondering how you can be able to fix your ugly lawn to make it green, beautiful, luscious and attractive?

If that is your case worry no more since I have a solution for you.

Basically, you might be putting a lot of efforts to make your lawn look good but without success. Right? Have you ever imagined the reason behind that?

Some of the reason a lawn can look ugly despite your efforts includes present of pests in the soil under your lawn, poor soil quality, drainage, incorrect mowing, lack of sufficient sunlight, and even moisture contents levels

So you might now be wondering what you can do to make your lawn look great to extent of envying that of your neighbors. Right?
Below are tips and tricks to make your lawn classy and good looking.

1. Find the Problem
You can’t solve the problem of your ugly lawn without finding the reason behind it been ugly in the first place. If for instance, you think your lawn has been infested by the pest, you need to take the necessary measures to prevent and even control such pest. You can do it yourself or even contact an expert in pest control.

You should also ensure your soil is tested for its chemical composition and also pH to make sure your soil is in good condition for your lawn. Testing your soil is a better alternative compared to regular lawn grass replacement.

2.Apply Quality and Nutritious Fertilizer on Your Lawn
After you test your lawn soil and find out it has nutrients deficient you need to apply a quality fertilizer to boost its quality and chemical components for the proper growth of your lawn.

Also, if you find that your soil nutrient component is in right amounts, its still advisable you apply additional nourishment to the lawn. This will ensure increased life spun of your lawn.


3. Start From Scratch
If half of your lawn is looking dreadful and ugly, its advisable you start from the start and create a new lawn. You can do this through killing remaining grass using a herbicide that is environmentally friendly.

This is mostly applicable especially in the cases where there is lawn disease infections history in your area. This is important as it will prevent such diseases from spreading on the new lawn.

4.Develop Proper Mowing Practices
Proper mowing practices are a great determinant of how your lawn looks. Mowing your lawn too short can result in your lawn plants stress which damages the plant’s crowns therefore poor regrowth.

Similarly, failure to mow your lawn enough will result to plant overcrowding and therefore nutrients competition. The most recommended mowing height should be 3 to 3.5 inches.

5. Take Precautions on Pests and Weed Control
It’s good to take precautions on weeds and pests that might infest your lawn. They are among major reasons for ugly looking lawns.

Apply applicable herbicides and insecticides to control both weeds and pests respectively and ensure on regular basis you check any sign or symptoms of infestation.

6.Regular Aeration of Your Lawn
Soil compaction can greatly result in the poor and ugly lawn. And it’s therefore advisable for you to aerate your lawn for proper oxygen and moisture penetration to the plant’s roots.

From the above tips and tricks, I strongly believe you can now be able to make your lawn look beautiful and green again.


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